Adam Richmond: My thoughts about the rise of Racism

You don’t have to like it, just read it. Okay, folks, enough is enough with the fucking racism already. It’s so small and petty of anyone to judge another because they are not the same race, color or creed as you. In fact, it’s super un-evolved of you do so. Personally, I don’t care at all what your background is, I don’t judge you by your skin color, but by the content of your character. And as far as the antisemitism that we’ve seen a rise of lately – hahahahahaha. Are you fucking kidding me?? Hating the jews?? You must me out of your idiotic mind. And I get it, really I do, it’s all about jealousy. Jewish people as a culture are doing very well on the planet, culturally, creatively, scientifically (just to name a few) and people who can’t get their own shit together like to point fingers at others suggesting that they are the route of their problems. They are not. We are not. If you worked as hard as myself or most of the Jewish people I grew up with, and concentrated more on education, family and love, you would be tremendously successful in life. And in case you needed some schooling here, the number are truly staggering. There aren’t even 15 Million Jews total on the planet and the fact that so many people hate such a tiny culture that doesn’t even represent 0.1% of the population isn’t even offensive to me, it’s impressive. Nobody cares about you when you aren’t doing anything significant. They only hate you when you’re great. I repeat…they only hate you when you’re great. And if anyone is offended by my post, feel free to get rid of our friendship, but at least send me a message first so I know who you are. Because there is really nothing more that I hate in this world than a coward. It’s pathetic and I’ve seen more of that the last few years than I’ll ever need to again. And for all my Jewish brothers and sisters who are inherently offended with the rise of antisemitism lately, seeing the amount of losers online who are caught doing the nazi salute, take it in stride. Racism existed before this election was decided and I’d rather see it in the light of day rather than lurking and hiding in the shadows. It’s always going to exist, so instead of being scared of it, challenge it. I’m not doing it by joining the military so I’m at least going to try to do it with my words and my guts. And to quote what our tribe members have said in the past “Never again”. We should all live by those words. So for all those who have dared to read this, just be kind to each other and try your best to mind your own business. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…you can do whatever you want in this world provided you don’t do any harm to anyone else. And being a racist asshole is harmful. So just stop immediately, or do us all a favor and shoot yourself in the face. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!! (Yes, everyone…well, except for the failing losers I’ve been mentioning). Peace, Love & Grooviness.
– Adam

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