Haters really just hate themselves

I’ve learned a lot about projection over the last few years.  That old expression about how when you point your finger at someone else the rest are pointing back at you…well, I believe there is something to be said about that.  Before the internet arrived, not everyone had a voice, but now that it exists these trolls who still live in their parents basement, wearing their underwear all day and feeding on scraps of food found under the floorboards, now feel they have something useful to say because they have a wifi password.  I guess that can say what the want, but whether it’s useful or not is the question.  What I’ve learned is that the loudest people are usually the dumbest and just because some one says something doesn’t make it true.  In fact, it probably isn’t.  Because people are winning in life don’t run home to write Facebook posts about people, or angry blogs complaining, or mean tweets to some tone they don’t like.  No.  People who are happy in life, go home and hug their kids, kiss they husbands or wives, celebrate the fact that they are enjoying themselves.  Some of my favorite and best people I know don’t even have social media accounts let alone engage in fights on them.  Why??  Simply because they are above it and don’t need that kind of validation all day long.  The people that need it are really searching for something the will never find.  What they do find is other haters validating their same grievances in life.  When you’re not happy you point fingers, blaming others for your lot in life.  I’m not gonna do that any more.  I’m responsible for my well being and happiness and I’m not going to blame others for it.  That being said, when I point at anyone from now on I’m gonna use all my fingers on both hands like I’m waving a perfect spell.


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