Adam Richmond Asks: What do I Blog About?? Choices It Is.

Well, here I go.  Entering the arena of blog writing.  Am I intimidated??  Yes.  But not by the actual writing part, I’m intimidating by actually going over in my mind what it is that I want to discuss.  You see, I sometimes have a problem with choice – there’s too many of them.  When it’s dinner time, I often deliberate for an hour in my mind what I want to eat because the options are abundant.  I go into 7-11 on a snack journey and can site in from of the cornucopia of confectionary delights and stare for 10 minutes at the colors and flavors without budging on my choice.  I wished that at restaurants like, let’s say The Cheesecake Factory, they didn’t have pages of delicious options, but just two pages, one that says “chicken” and one that says “beef”.  That would make things easy for a beat??  Or would it??  I’d probably go back and forth with my final decision and then secretly wish for a fish option.  Anyhow, I just wanted to write something for my first blog and couldn’t really choose what I wanted so made it about choice.  What do you think??  Personally, I think it needs work…but it’s a good start.  Now what do I choose next??  Hmmmm.  This may take some time.

In the meantime, here’s a link pertaining to food…


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